We’re tied down by physical/societal necessities, so in order to follow our dreams, we must be strategic.  Sometimes it works to just leap—live in your car/risk your life/etc—and if your spirit is …

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Who I am and Why I’m Here

I am a writer and artist, who taught college English for many years until it got the better of me and I retired. I came to WordPress to try to help publicize my book, Shadows and Sunshine, and to prepare to market the others I’m  writing. I am also here to write about people, about things that annoy me, things I like, things that inspire, life in general. I’m really not sure where this blog is going to go yet. I see it as an adventure, one I hope will be exciting and worthwhile, and one which I will shut down faster than you can say Jack Robbins if it turns out not to be. I want to be able to invite guest posts, and to have a variety of interesting, thought provoking subjects.